Claddagh Farm's 2013 Litter is here!!!!!

Puppy pictures of individual pups well be placed below when they are old enough.AdoptedAdoptedAdopted

All pictures with new litter will be updated by 4/2015. All 2013 pups have gone to great homes.


Pink #8 Female Dead Grass Color

No white on chest D.M.

 Lt Blue # 8 Female Male

|Horizontal white spot chest D.H.C.

Purple # 6 Female Darkest

No white spots T.F.W.

Green #5 Male

Small Vertical  white  chest  C.O.

Black # 6 MaleAdopted

No white spots K.P.


ATTENTION: Please Pick Up  you Lovely Puppies on Sunday Nov. 10th 2013 from 10 AM to 1 PM Thank you... Chuck & Shelly


Purple # 3 Female

No white spots F.& S. B.

Lt Green #2 FemaleAdopted

No white spots B. Z.

Black # 1 FemaleAdopted

No White spots K.G.

Red # 7 Female

White on chest S. C.

Dark BluAdoptede # 4 Female

AdoptedSmall white hairs on chest F. & S. B



If you wish to get on our list for this litter or the next, just e-mail us at

Colors under name, when they get older, will indicate the neck band and number for each puppy.

A.K.C. Grand Champion and Therapy Dog Claddagh's Rusty Bucket "Seamus"

"Cocky"                        Claddagh's Eye of the Wind  "Seamus"                  Claddagh's Rusty Bucket (Daddy "Seamus") Claddagh's Rusty Bucket (Son "Cocky") Claddagh's Eye of the Wind  (Mama "Brim") Brimstone's Charming Hellion

The Judges just love him! Grand Champion!!! I think you need her permission to come any closer.  Claddagh's Rusty Bucket ("Seamus")

Cocky at the airport in Florida waiting to board. (Daddy "Seamus") Claddagh's Rusty Bucket What is that? I'm on a plane, this is cool Mom I have no fear ;-) "Cocky"

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